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"may turn the lights on"

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    The much maligned Pinnacle VRB is making good headway in USA. The recent blackouts brought energy storage from page 144 to page 2 on the minds of ALL USA utilities and customers.

    Over the last 6 weeks VRB Power the owner of 70% PCE has risen fro 10c to $1.00CDN.-"a ten bagger"

    Strange as it seems VRB do not hold any licences from PCE. There is a lot of very stong minorities that must be dealt with. PCE was subject to a takeover at around 65 c.

    There is a installation obout to be completed in King Island in about 10 days. This battery will save about $1mill per year (SEDO Report), and many more orders are expected. Wind power installations that cannot supply a adequete base load (that all of them) get a substancial lift in viability (over 60%) if they incorporate a VRB into their systems.

    PCE has only been marked up from 10 to 20 c, there is only about 20 mill share in Australian hands. USA/CDN investors will want to control 100% of PCE , so some firey things can happen. One thing is for sure the remaining PCE shareholders will be hard to shift.

    The damage caused by recent blackouts is estimated in $Billions, I doubt if they will resolve this issue in haste, it argues well for long run in both VRB and PCE.

    I brought a few more today.
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