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    re: vcr.. whens the retracement coming? Hi folks

    I am very surprised at the VCR finish.

    $2.63!!! I thought a Friday share price ending around $2.30 would be a good result, so this, at least for now, is a pleasant surprise. Then again, this stock is somewhat of a juggernaut at present, and although profit taking is inevitable...and lets face it, many have taken their profits only to see it rise within days. When a company runs like this, 'over trading' it can cause more headaches than its worth!

    I am happy to let it run for now. As I do not watch the market throughout the day I am a little limited in 'timing'

    That said, my expectations for end of year have been revised to $3.00 as stated earlier in one of my posts. This is looking very conservative............

    So despite the price movement I am content to ride a few retracements simply based on the history, and recent at that, of this companies share price appreciation.

    The medicare funding situation has perhaps added a little blue sky to VCR, however this story is such a good one, with so much promise, potential....and as is being 'demonstrated' now, 'capability', that it is capturing the imagination of many investors out there.

    The announcement today further explained where the company stands re its position on the trials. It is looking for "accummulation of 'ALL' data on the safety of the device that will decide the outcome of the trial"

    Clearly they are prepared and fully aware of the patients' condition going into these trials, so the safety of these devices isn't necessarily thwarted or compromised if patient/s die during the trial period.

    So far, and it is only early days and with the initial patient, the 'safety' of the device is being demonstrated very, very clearly.

    The market therefore is pre-empting what 'appears' to be a foregone conclusion.....perhaps.
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