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may be getting close

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    Having been to the last company meeting and read the Moneycat report I do believe that their building product has a very good chance of establishing a very signifigant presence in the building game. Given that, I think we must be getting very close to a long term sales deal being signed with a major player. I for one have put my money where my mouth is and bought more shares.
    I'm probably a glutton for punishment given that I held 500,000 AKL when they went belly up and 20,000,000 MSC options when they expired. All up about $300,000 lost. However the story was always good and just needed money and competent people to make it happen. With this new building product, which they've been working on for a few years, they should break through. I'm very confident this time, fingers crossed. Watch for news very soon and maybe a 20 bagger.
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