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maxi's popped his chart cherry thursday

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    The encouragement award for yesterday goes to Maxi.

    Special acknowledgement also goes to Piotrvip.

    'Maxi let me be the first to congratulate you on popping your chart posting cherry :)Kind thanks indeed mate' PIOTRVIP (what does your name mean)

    Maxi got 20 thumbs up for this post.

    'sorry for the big image.this is a trial. then scroll to the right Maxi' MAXI

    Scroll to the right alright. Maxi was that deliberate?

    On the edge of the third screen, 34 inches to the right, was the edge of the "Double D babes" website.

    I remember Maxi's first ever post on the XJO thread. He was described as a 'nutter' by some kind person following.

    We now know he is indeed a nutter, but the kind of nut you definately want around!!

    Hope some of you clever ones were buying yesterday. Bet Pauly was!!

    Happy trading fellas and sisters.
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