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mauritania-still cleaning out

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    Looks like President M.O.T. is still cleaning out any members that might have been associated with the latest coupe.
    By the time he's finished Mauritania will be squeaky clean, fingers crossed.

    Mauritania: Detention and quitting a governor
    Mauritania, Politics, 6/19/2003

    Mauritania's authorities have arrested the former minister in charge of women's affairs, Mantata Bint Hadid ,and the head of the supreme court, Mahfouz Weld al-Murabet, in the context of the current investigation to disclose the implications of the recent military coupe against the president last week.

    Well-informed sources disclosed that amounts of weapons belonging to military men were found at Bint Hadid House following the failure of the coupe attempt. The minister's relative assured that the soldiers who hid the weapons are supporters for the President and do not belong to the persons involved in the coupe.

    Meantime, Mauritania's prime minister yesterday removed the governor of Nawazibu estate, the economic capital of Mauritania, Muhammd Weld al- Rizyezim and appointed in his place the director of the regional department at the ministry of the interior, Muhammad Muhammad Weld Jeddou. Worthy mentioning that the three are relatives to the man who is presumed to be the executor of the coupe, Saleh Weld Hanana.

    I'm in for the long haul, always have been, 2005-2006, $$$$

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