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    I buy the fall of the greenback as the unit of currency certainly, hence the possible relative rise of gold as a refuge against the US$ freefall. Other currencies may fall when the greenback falls as well, hence the value of gold may surge in more than just US$ terms.

    Still this scenario is expected and ready to be countered. Expect prophilactic selling of gold for quite some time, possibly long enough to pass the period of currency weakness by.

    Gold is an artificial aberration, not a historical true measure of wealth. Why gold, why not some other artificial aberration?

    What concerns me is the events and circumstances of a gold boom. The mere fact of it taking place would mean other more serious economic events had commenced, such as the loss of control of the US$ value and macro economic levers. I hope gold never surges because the coincidental implications on western economies would likely be far more deleterious than the gold surge would be beneficial. That is why gold will be suppressed at all costs.

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