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  1. Ah, Acturtle, my old nemesis (sigh).

    I wonder at your obsessive knocking of Matrix and of me. Why have you so often gone out of your way to chip and fret away at a stock in which you profess no interest?

    I assume from your outburst (eg., your reference to ‘my next chat with Andrew’) that you believe me to be one of “the insiders with this company (who) made all the cash as they sold into the announcement”.

    Leaving aside the slanderous implication, what bizarre logic! If you take me for an ‘insider’, then how do you explain my regular broadcasts of my supposed ‘special knowledge’ to all and sundry on this site? Surely the savvy insider would, in your words, “keep their cards hidden” to best exploit the situation.

    I really do find you a most uncivil correspondent, Acturtle, sniping and capricious. I cannot for the life of me fathom your motivation. If, like Brewster, you have at some stage lost money on MRX, I am truly sorry for that.

    I believe that the patient investor will be rewarded on this stock, and I continue to hold. Why don’t you move on?
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Currently unlisted public company.

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