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    To infer that the "punters reaction" was different to the "palpable excitement" in the company probably reflects the fact that the insiders with this company made all the cash as they sold into the announcement and the the punters were left cold with a falling share as the price fell when the insiders sold.

    The "buy on fact sell on rumour" equation only relates to companies which cant keep their cards hidden until the ASX announcement and keep the playing field level for all. The MRX share price behaviour unfortunately means that they fit with with this tag. This has already happened on several occasions.

    Unfortunately punters are always left cold and at a loss when a company so obviously fails to hold its information tight. So dont play the low share price is due to the "lack of excitement in the punters" story. It doesnt stack up.

    Its hard to get caght up in the long term story with MRX when the short term action is so distorted.

    You can pass that onto Andrew when you chat with him next.

    my views only smoot.


    Im not a holder.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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