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    Yes SuperNinja -its one of the things I cant get My head around....the Size of the Universe and the Amount of EVs and PWs (Power Walls) that will be manufactured by 2018 to 2020....

    Mind You Ive never been good at Maths but I can calculate a few things...
    Planned Gigafactories +Planned Power walls+Planned Electric Cars+Planned Electric Bikes +Planned Electric Gas turbine Trucks+World uptake of Solar/Wind Energy ÷ Actual Lithium producers + (Planned Lithium Producers -Failure to become Mine Lithium Producers) = A Farkin Big Lack of Lithium in 2018!!!

    Add into this mix a cocktail of a Lack of a World Calibrating price for Lithium.
    A Huge competitive need for A quaranteed source of Quality AND Quantity of Lithium.
    A never before seen market place where the Chinese are Actually setting up Automotive businesses in the USA. See Faraday et al.

    The Lithium Technological Revolution is happening right now.
    With it new lines of Geographical Businesses and Business Boundaries are being BORN.
    Google et al are Going to make Electric Cars. They are driven by Their belief in the new technology and The New Corporate belief in Expand and Grow or Die!
    While Mercedes, BMW,Toyota,.Ford, General Motors and even Porche are scrambling to produce Quality Lithium
    EVs against these new companies. There is no longer a requirement for refining an ICE....unless its for the Electric /Gas Trucks and Ships coming online.
    The race has not just got hotter....its exploding!

    Back to Quality and Quantity....Ive just been reading threads from South Americans talking about the cost and chemicals required to make Lithium from Brine....its high..
    I believe Mica will run through the same C&C gauntlet. Im not saying they wont make usable Lithium. Im merely pointing out their companies costs will be higher.
    So their business model of Costs and profits will differ.
    One of the South American Lithium Brine manufacturers enjoys only 5mm of rainfull onto their Salt Pan drying operations. Thats awesome but its also no gaurantee with Global weather disturbances.
    But just as farmers have good years of weather versus bad-so will the Lithium Brine companies.
    I wonder if the Greenies and Aboriginal Land Owners in these South American countries will hinder production with challenges against huge drilling and fluid pumping into ancient High Altitude Aquifiers and Salt lakes. As well as challenges to land owner profits.
    Where is Spondumene held Lithium and PLS situated in all this...Well Id say its right at the FRONT OF THE BOW WAVE OF LITHIUM REQUIRING TECHNOLOGY.
    Happy Latte Saturday or Friday to all the PLS posters around the World.
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