WGR 0.00% 16.0¢ westgold resources limited

massive upside imho

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    This one has shares in CPC and cash and 2.5% of Maari with maybe + 1 million barrels of oil in one section with possibilities in 2 other sections . A Very well managed company and also with 'Renaissance' a shareholder i believe.
    I think it has Net tangible assets in excess of 20 cents a share IMHO.
    It is not just some hopefull oiler with no market to seel Gas into but an oiler with OIL. I like it better than HZN as it keeps a tight control on it's cash and does not go drilling a lot .
    Best as always for everyone not to listen to me as I get things wrong so do your own research , remember Xeres_ph {admonished} me as I was too early with NVS.So be careful.
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