Crikey, right wingers are apparently electorally nomadic....

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    Crikey, right wingers are apparently electorally nomadic. Turning right, here and there and everywhere trying to find a home. They started off with Abbotts liberals then Hansons One Nation, then moved to ALA, some swung to PUP, then it was Bernardi’s conservatives, then back to libs hoping the Dutton/Abbott coup would be successful, then it was back to One Nation and newcomer Latham and now it's a full on right turn to “final solution” Anning. Nomads looking for a home but not really fitting in anywhere! It's the same group who can only vote once and given their constant change of minds will likely spread their votes across all the aforementioned and in the process become so diluted that their electoral impact will be rendered meaningless.

    I guess it’s just to hard for them to work out that reality!
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