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massive q1 2010 coming up

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    We can expect the following in the March quarter:

    1. Ridley Magnetite announement - word filtering through that they expect around $150m
    2. Reserves and resources upgrade
    3. Wodgina offtake
    4. Pardoo expansion
    5. Wodgina start up


    1. Expected iron ore price increase of 10% - 30% (probably closer to the later)
    2. Positive press coverage filtering through now about the above
    3. The iron ore sector is currently very strong ie FMG, MGX etc


    1. AGO's chart looks sweet once it breaks $1.95ish (hopefully with some conviction tomorrow)

    So good chart, good fundamentals, good sector and hopefully the last piece in the puzzle, a good market if we break Octobers highs.

    Expecting a very exciting quarter's activity...
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