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massive massive iron ore demand

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    More info on the HUUUUGE amount of demand for infrastructure(and hence iron ore) over the next few years:

    According to Eurostat Statistics forecasts, Russia has committed to invest US$1 trillion in infrastructure projects in the country by 2013.

    And that's just the GOVERNMENT COMMITMENT!!! Dont forget the MASSIVE amount that the private sector will spend on PPP infra projects!!!

    By comparison, Russia spent approximately US$25 billion in 2006 and virtually nothing in 2004.

    The demand for iron ore over the next few years is going to be unbelievable. Don't forget India, Brazil, Mexico and other emerging markets are doing with their infrastructure plans...its a similar story.

    MMX is one of the cheapest and lowest risk iron ore plays in the world.

    This is not advice. Do your own research.
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