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massive high impact drilling this month

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    Like a punt? Like to see the dice rolling? Well then say hello to Orion! This month drilling kicks off on a massive high impact well targeting 40MBO in place and 160 BCF gas in place.
    OIP is trading around 10 to 11c. As pointed out elsewhere that is just above its cash backing of roughly 9 to 10c. If the well comes in a winner then a value on say 15MBO would be worth around $150M or approximately $1 as share! (Assumes a value of $10 a barrel for recoverable oil in the ground and 155m shares) And that does not include the gas!
    Thats the upside but whats the downside? Besides trading near cash backing they will be drilling another high impact well in May. So any sell off after a poor result should be tempered by the prospect of another drilling attempt a month or two later.
    All up this company plans four high impact wells this side of Christmas. If just one turns out to be a winner the share price will go to a multiple of where is currently resides.
    Imagine what the sp would do if all four turn out to be winners!
    PS Aggresive traders check out the oppies - OIPO - at just over 2 cents.
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