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massive announcement just out

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    Folks this is huge. The announcement just released!

    Check it out:

    QTK.ASX ASX-CA 10:23:56
    QTK - Amended Change of Director's Interest Notice

    Now dont laugh.

    This is what we have all been waiting for. This is Smugglers inside knowledge at work. And I must say..great timing too. He was almost out of time with deadline 4pm tomorrow.

    Do you all know what this means. There is an amendment to a previous announcement about a directors holdings.

    Reading between the lines on this whopping announcement, we should be able to deduce, project, extrapolate and assume that this REALLY MEANS, the directors know something we dont know.

    That China has possibly decided to hand over $1 Billion to QTK for doing no work.

    And with this $1 billion, QTK will give 1 million each to all shareholders over the past one year.

    This is huge folks, hope you are strapped in and ready for the next announcement which may be, QTK buys earth and sells it onto inhabitants of Mars for 16 times the amount QTK bought it for.

    So strap yourself in...after the Mars deal, QTK is going to the moon and taking us with them.
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