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    Massey nationally you would have to say they are falling. Individual areas and suburbs, only a person who lives and follows that suburb could tell.
    How far will they fall I would say 10 % to 14% over the next 18 months. But l will go as far to say that come next election one of the parties will promise something that will inflate them up. But as I have always said it's a free market system and the market should decide the price.

    I posted 2 months ago about a 2 bedroom semi detached in Thomas st east Brighton that sold for $865,000 in 3 week the pair to it is up for auction. That was a big price for a 2 bedroom unrenovated semi on 400 square meters the result of that auction will give indication.
    As I have seen plenty of stories about cheap houses people in trouble, Matts 30% off house in that has been sale for 12 months. But no real like for like evidence will be interesting.
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