Markets set for rebound

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    The market is expecting big falls tonight on the back of worldcoms accounting .

    The Aussie market was in panic mode all day and sellers,shorters,hedge funds,and year end window dressing to the down side was in full swing

    The number of short positions in the money on warrants and put options is very significant and by thursday we should see a bottom as the june options markets closes off.

    The banks,and any stock in the top 50 that is any where year lows could be expected to bounce sharply.

    Should the dow recover from its sell down tonight in the following day or if the sell down tonight is sub 3% tonight we could see the shorters needing to cover,and a very strong rally signalling the end of the bear market.

    Most posters will disagree with this post but that only gives me greater confidence as the time to buy is when all the negatives are already factored in .
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