DJIA 0.31% 26,683 dow jones industrials

markets recovery process

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    I wonder how much lower it can go???

    My gut feeling is that the economy is actually at it's lowest or near it's lowest point now only to be confirmed in 3 months time.

    The credit crunch seems to be behind us now as markets are thawing as lending becomes more readily available again.

    Global co-ordinated interest rate cuts will soon start to show results as well which will be very interesting.

    Talk of deflation will soon cease IMO as the global economy stabilises over the next 6 months and then hyper inflationary factors will bite everyone on their royal back sides surprising everyone.

    Just a guess of course however I think hyper inflation is much more likely than a depression.

    The world has panicked and markets and the economy has subsequently dropped extremely fast due to that.

    Same now goes for recovery factors. The world has now panicked again and will continue to take extraordinary measures to bring on a recovery much faster than expected as well. Works both ways.

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