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    Hey guys,

    I don’t think we have to worry about the deal going through. Times are tough out there, but ppl who know what to do are doing it right. It's time for everyone to come to the conclusion that if we all sit on our hands or in this case our back pockets, it’s not going to help the world.
    The more that ppl change their spending patterns and decrease their standard for living the longer the world economy will continue to decline. So for the more educated ppl out there, this is a time of great excitement. Great deals can/will be made and money will change hands. Let’s look to the future and not what happens day-by-day.
    Nkw will be looking to get a good deal whether it be 60c or $1, because they will know that everytime the market has gone down it comes back in record numbers.
    This happens every 75-100 years, but it does not last forever. Am sure we will make some money if the deal is done, maybe not as much as many would have hoped to make, but still some profit. Which is always good, right?
    At the end of the day guys, the sun will shine the market will open and ppl will make and lose money no matter if we are in a bear or bull.

    Have faith in the human race and don’t stop "priming the pump"
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