Market to Boom

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    Part of Calrisians purpose appears to be;

    a) to stir up members on this forum and turn it into a mud pit like investorweb has been and appears to be.

    b) to discredit & "wear-out" experienced, well researched & independant posters, thereby discouraging them from contibuting valuable information so freely. Brokers?

    What to do;

    Let CALRISIAN & his mates (be the 17 years of age or 40) roll around in the mud pit together. Do they deserve your respect and admiration? What value have they contibuted to the market & other investors over several months? Very little if anything I would suggest.

    Am not surprised that the new hotcopper management have tolerated Calrisians less than subtle smears of Greenpastures for several months. Aren't U?

    Hotcopper has certainly changed since the old days (of previous management) when moderation did not allow this.

    Lack of action (banning Calrisian) by new management moderators to me = full support of Calrisians agenda.

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