ANM 0.00% 5.5¢ advanced magnesium limited

market says fluor connections will make it work!!

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    A bit of research into Australian Magnesium reveals the CEO has worked with the Multinational construction Company Fluor and it's HQ is the same as largest shareholder Newmont in Denver CO.
    Judging by the ~20% increase in ANMNA the past week and ~4:1 B:S ratio,, I suspect the old relationships will save the day for AMC!
    If you are going to buy get ANMNA NOT ANM,,, you'll save~12c+!!
    I hold 300K ANMNA. av.price 27c. and holding!
    Also Newmont have 3 directors on the AMC board and I dont think they would have kicked in AUD100MILL. at the end of Jan if the ship was sinking,,, they were already introducing Leightons to Fluor!
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