market makers - integrity?

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    I wonder how many others out there in Hot Copper land have persistent and unprofitable experiences with market makers but not because you've misread the market but because the market maker umm has trouble with the data feed, or umm (now whats the lie for today?) ? It always ends up with you, the customer, bearing a big hit in the wallet, no matter what the problem was and particularly when you've been about to capitalise on that fantastic trade of the day/week (probably along with many other people who have been as clever as you). The loss of profit is one concern, but mainly, I think its the persistent concern about whether you can actually trust your money to these people with the reasonable expectation that they would treat you honestly (despite their powerful position)

    Anyway, its come to me that maybe the market maker industry is comprised or governed by shonks. Big revelation. I wonder if any others share this perception and have the wish to clean up this bunch?
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