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Market Mad chart Pan Bio 20/5/2002

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    Market Mad PBO 20/5/if below1.20 target 1.04 ilrobbinrosso 21/5/02 5:09:21 AM
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    PBO: (exponential growth & revenues) rainbow8 2/4/02 7:55:15 AM
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    posted: Monday 9.00 p.m. Sydney time May 20, 2002
    last price: $1.26 code: PBO
    Panbio develops and sells diagnostic tests for Whooping Cough, Glandular Fever, Ross River Fever, and others. Since listing in 1998, the company has grown revenues exponentially. Last year, sales totalled $30 million, up from $10 million in 1998. Not bad for a company capped at just $62 million.
    It is true, the biotechnology sector is high risk these days, but that said, the Panbio story does stand up particularly well. In fact, relative to companies like Ambri and Cellestis, for example, Panbio looks to be a bargain from hereabouts.
    In terms of the chart and the technical evidence, the signal is bullish. The candles posted over the last 4 days are all pieces to a bullish puzzle. There is also the key 200-day moving average to consider, intersecting below the latest close at 1.23. Then there is the double bottom at 1.20. As I say, the technical evidence is bullish, and it does suggest 1.46 as the target.
    Panbio will probably trade higher from here, but having said that, there are no guarantees.
    The evidence is pointing at a bullish outcome, but if below 1.20, the target will be 1.04.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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