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market depth looks shocking under 60c

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    For all the new investors out there who are considering buying LUM consider this:

    1) The recent announcement was leaked to such an enormous degree that even people here on hotcopper were saying when it would be released. One poster has the nerve to even comment on the time of the Ask yourself, is this a reputable management or a con-job where the people running the game are just using rumors to pump up the stock like a baloon before POP.

    2) Where are all the buyers? Under 60c the buy side depth looks terrible... where are all those 300k buy orders? Market manipulation used?

    3) People on chat sites keep saying how good it is yet the price keeps, as if everyone here didn't sell recently...???

    Anyhow, this post isn't saying LUM is a dog or won't succeed... just keep in mind there are some con-artists out there, just take care.

    Good luck all Luminites.
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