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market cap on relist

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    I'm starting to get excited about our future again

    its been a long time in admin and i think the chances of us relisting are increasing
    we've been in admin for ages and whatever is going on it must be ok otherwise we would have folded by now IMO

    what a great position to be in as a small producer/ brownfield exploration company

    gold and silver have been running hot for a year now and look like continuing

    I'm starting to think about our market cap and what a little exploration success and info to the market might do for us

    i was reading a pwc report showing how junior gold miners are gaining investment attention and thats thought to continue into the foreseeable future

    also a great article on KITCO saying it was the time to get into junior goldies

    what will we resist at .......if we do ?

    20 30 40 mill MC?
    id love to hear from anyone with any sensible ideas on this
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