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Well that says it all about this clown 'milken$' and...

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    Well that says it all about this clown 'milken$' and 'itsnotgambling'.

    Its now obvious all (its) posts of the last few days should be completely disregarded.
    Pure self interest is all over this clown.

    As I have said in previous posts
    *CIY has made records profits since listing.
    *CIY has always paid a FF high yeilding dividends.
    *CIY has very conservative debt.
    *CIY IS NOT an MFS.
    *CIY has a heavy future work book.
    *CIY has top management.

    If they can sensibly acquire all/part of MFS PIF it will only enhance CIY and should help PIF holders.
    Both good things

    Stop knocking CIY and give them support


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