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margin loan problems similar to abc eddy grove

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    Mark Rowsthorn and Eddy Groves - both MDs that have been chomping up their own stocks as it has been going down and both MDs that single handedly have ended up with a huge slice of the company. Surely this has to have been leveraged against existing shares. These shares have been hammered. You work out the rest!

    I noticed a trade go through at 1,000,000 shares in one hit just several minutes ago.

    Now, MD Mark Rowsthorn purposefully states in the report that he is not in any trouble of a Margin Call, but so did Eddy Groves! I note there were no exact specifics in the AIO report of the Margin position.

    So, why is AIO saying this? always worries me when they make a point of commenting on it, as if to try and stop it from occuring. What about other directors? (one just resigned from the trust board).

    Regardless when you hold as much stock in a company as both Eddy Groves did and Mark Rowsthorn does, anything that happens to your personal situation makes it very dangerous to the share price. Full details of the exact leverage he has on this should be disclosed.

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