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Margin Call's Take On HII

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    Evolution of the specious

    TO Lower, sorry Hire Intelligence, which freefell 53c to 22c yesterday on an earnings downgrade.

    Floated at $1, Hire rocketed to $1.50 on expectations of a killer franchise opportunity in the US. Sadly their bloke in the US who was "extremely enthusiastic" must have strung the crew from Hire along. Now it's Lower.

    Founder and key stakeholder Tommy Crage missed the boat. He was looking to offload a buckload of stock a while back around $1.35 after emerging from escrow.

    Lower's logo is the evolution of simians to human beings. But the stock seems to be headed the other way – homo erectus to homo non-erectus. If this one was debt-funded, rather than equity, the next step would have been Cro-Magnon. Primordial ooze, perhaps? Would you believe missing link?


    A couple of inaccuracies - but you get the drift.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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