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    Way back then, when doctors made a point of telling you to eat a low cholesterol margarine instead of butter, I did.

    And for many years I ate the one brand, Meadow Lea I think it was. Then I started to shop at Aldi and had to switch to their product, which was just the same but about half the price.

    Then, after a while, I decided to switch to an olive oil-based spread (different doctor) and I stayed on that for a long time.

    But just lately I found this other product at Aldi. It's called Lurpack and it's from Denmark (who play great soccer) and it's 52% milk fat and 26% canola oil. And it's slightly salted.

    I've reached an age where I don't care any more. I could stuff myself with butter, but I've lost the taste for it. Plus it's not a convenient product in our climate. It has to be kept in the fridge but when you take it out, it's not spreadable.

    So I was pretty happy about this new product Lurpack. That is, until I happened to glance at the Aldi shopping bill.

    $7.99!!! Seven dollars ninety-nine cents!!!

    I couldn't believe it. I never paid that much for Meadow Lea.

    Trouble is, as I said, I like it.

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