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    Margaret and other friends: - my husband loved Fawlty Towers, people reckon he looked a bit like John Cleese, especially when he began to lose his hair (and also tried the comb-over!), when younger he had better compliments. BUT he could do the funny walk and do the talk and once we went to a party and there was another John Cleese impersonator there and the two of them went into a complete 10-minute madness of Fawlty Towers - it was hilarious.
    I find the madness, when it keeps on topping - and you think: 'that's it, I can't laugh anymore - there must be a pause - ' and it keeps going and going - a bit much. BUT it was a brilliant show - my favourite; 'The Rat'
    The other comedian who affects me like this is Rowan Atkinson - he, too, can't seem to stop - at times.

    P.S. I only found out about New Zealand - through a call from a friend at around 5:30 - so very, very sad -
    hopefully no reprisals are being planned - or worse 'copy-cat' actions.

    I am actually glad I was busy today and not on HC - looks like the moderators had their hands full.

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