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    na stuff that NBD just got hot and bothered agin
    got bored with sbs on the topic of something called the G-Spot on Hess Be Hess
    blushed and turned it off,
    let see what can one sell next week
    think think,,,
    11% on this
    410% on that
    32% on the dog
    more spokes
    put 8% into a satleite,
    slowy by more honey
    Note to me,,,,,
    call dealer,,,
    sheesh should have taken up their offer of a free spin around the block
    they kept pressing keys into ma talons
    now see why
    just ot to get rid of those blouse tubes,,,
    and get more mat,
    this one has to be mat,grey
    Need a valium now,,,
    its all your fault Hotcopper just this one time clicked on one of you adds
    where is the jack 7 years old now
    oh and boys and gals respect your local truck,,road warrior
    and the old fart on a hoss,,
    you never know it may just be NBD,,,
    post post scipts, please nuke this post if its advertising
    just dont know what is or what is not anylonger
    Harley 2019 FXDR (tm) 114-Test Ride Review-Failure or Future

    this NBS...

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