We would love to see some down here. Love your laughing puppy -...

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    We would love to see some down here.
    Love your laughing puppy - cute as.

    Promised to bore u re my legs - sure enough have been referred to cardio vascular guy -
    just as I thought.
    Have read the venous doppler ultrasound report accompanying the letter to the surgeon -
    complete gobbled gook to me - all about competent and incompetent saphenous veins and
    saphenofemoral and saphenopopliteal junctions and perforator vessels. Won't even bother
    to look it all up on the net - hopefully it will all be explained by the specialist.
    Fortunately specialist is at Cabrini - close enough - but can't get in until 3rd May to see him.
    No guess as to when an op would follow or how anything is done.
    Will talk to my GP more when I see her again next week.
    She seems keen to save me a quid and has also put me on the waiting list at The Alfred.
    Heaven forbid, I could be waiting forever and have said that I would happily go private rather than wait.
    She knows I'm not on a pension and I do go in well dressed at all times.
    Nice of her to give an option.
    Who knows, they might be quicker but I doubt it.
    It is not urgent but the sooner the better I believe.
    She did tell me that she had an urgent case done in about 12 hours but that's not me.

    Fishies will be eating less in winter and enough water will be left for Pepper. LOL

    All suitably bored I hope.
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