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Keep in mind that during the "fireside chat" (9/3/2018), Jeremy...

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    Keep in mind that during the "fireside chat" (9/3/2018), Jeremy said "Once our Hammer Mill 3 is running to Richard's high standards, he will introduce a second shift that will focus on processing the tailings each day".

    The second shift was only scheduled to start on 26/3. Hence they've spent several weeks fine-tuning the mill and won't have been running at anything like full capacity. If the 2nd shift is now in action, the commissioning of the mill is complete & they'll be running it at full production, but that's only occurred late in the month.

    Hence I agree with Jimone's expected production ounces - probably 200 or so - but not because they've necessarily run into problems. Sometimes things just take a bit of time to be setup correctly and can't be rushed.
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