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march ado about nothing

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    Hi Folks

    A very important month coming up (aren't they all)

    From what 'I' have gathered, Nuclear Fuel Ukraine (NFU)processes do not impact Urans projects, or more to the point, the timeline to securing them.

    I understand NFU was supposed to be finalised by end of February. I have not found information that confirms that yet. I do not find that situation an 'issue' as the machinations and pragmatics demonstrated by the new Government tells me it will happen shortly anyway.

    Remember....the new Ukraine Govt has only been confirmed since 18 December. 10 weeks.

    Nevertheless, many of us are getting toey...particularly the 'old crew' here.
    The newbies im sure are fresher and much more 'relaxed' about Urans future (Showman a good example)

    I think shareholders deserve a 'detailed' update on Ukraine. I dont think this is unreasonable.
    The information trail out of Uran has improved and its been squarely focused on Czech.
    Its been focused on what have been, and are, secondary project focus areas of 'applications' and 'reapplications'.

    Although these ARE important, they must be put into the context of Urans 'other' primary focus areas.

    Rozna is a good example. Rest assured this project hasnt gone off the agenda.
    How many of us here would like to see the effort, the campaign involved with the applications push and thrust, applied to Rozna and Pribram?

    I would.

    Meaningful updates are required here. Both Rozna and Pribram have been on the agenda for 12-18 months.

    Pribram 'should' be ramping up to some sort of meaningful operation. Whats happening? What are Uran 'doing'?

    We know Rozna is nearly exhausted. What is the company 'doing'? Are they using these community lectures to promote the Rozna cause...or at least with an eye on the benefits that may come from these discussions?

    Lets move away from the primary areas where Uran is (or what appears to be) most active; Ukraine and Czech.

    We know Bulgarian applications are in play. The Kazakhstan MOU. The Uzbekistan sleeper? negotiations as well.

    Looking a little further and drawing a long bow we can also reflect or hypothesise about the 'other' areas involved 'historically' with Urans focus;

    North America, Africa and 'other' CIS regions.

    I do not want to downplay the companies efforts or make light of them in Czech. I do want to highlight the lack of detail/news and focus on the other areas of Urans business focus and plan.

    Albeit, much of what they do is confidential....however I think most of us would agree that in March 2008 clarification is required and an appraissal or where Uran is...and isnt in regards to its negotiations.

    I am not talking about the quarterly information that is just that 'information' ...and 'historic' at that.

    We need to discern and delineate what is actual 'real life' real time 'negotiations and current processes.....NOT... as it appears to be, the usual cut and pasted information on all the projects with a sentence added along the lines of ; 'We are in negotiations.."

    With the Dow having a big 300 plus downside move Monday will be interesting regarding Urans share price.

    SP3 could say that that means it will go up!...it usually does on down days in the US ;)

    This is a time to really get behind the company imo and support them 100%. Now isnt the time to 'bash' them.
    But with that support comes a responsibility to see that reciprocated by a management a little too comfortable and particularly skilled and well drilled in releasing 'secondary' information on 'maybe' developments and projects.

    We are requiring tangible information on project opportunities with production opportunities in the next 12 months:


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