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****many reasons not to sell out*****

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    I have had a good think about this stock, too many HC people and others have been caught up in this by no fault of their own (maybe a little greed) and do not deserve to be taken to the cleaners.

    I have been though this sort of crap before and all is not lost.
    The market is a strange beast when there is an ongoing drilling campaign, RRS will get sold down but do not be suprised to see it back over the line on more speculation.

    Facts are that they have moved the drill rig to an area that is more inducive to Gold....Just remember speculation can drive the price up.

    Just think ahead a little bit further than tomorrow.

    I am really trying to help you lot so try not to throw daggers at me considering quite a few warnings that ive posted.

    Ear to the grapevine to see what else I can sniff.

    PS...Matich knew the results were going to be sus, that is why he sold....This is the way they let their mates know.......(In my own humble opinion.)

    Funny how they let their mate Leo from Finlays pick up 11 million....

    This is one big Jigsaw, ive spent around 60 hours researching this stock and have a pretty good idea about the outcome..
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