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manufacturing levels

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    From the BRR interview.. Putting things in perspective...Manufacturing levels slightly greater than predictions from September presentation so over 4000 a month!.

    Worlds First polyprenol production facility with natural pharmaceuticals..a manufacturing template for many more facilities inside an outside Russia. Confirmed written orders for supply inside Russia to be announced before AGM(around $1150 per course?, outside sales to New Zealand at around $3000 a course.

    Golden Handcuffs deal for scientists...shares to them ONLY if share price gets to 80cents (1 third) share price gets to $1.20(1 third) and final third (at share price of $1.60).

    We are 23 cents so that looks certain to me to rise!!!!!!!Good news BRR interview lets slay them again slayers but keep the sp going the right way with more news before AGM to bring in the contribs, still nothing on the documentary but supposed to be completed from my inquiry.

    Looking rosey again for my money...I am looking at the bigger picture again instead of focusing on a passport sized photo! :)
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