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mantles gold assets at charters towers

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    While a majority of discussion has been taking place on the Mantle threads about the coal, coal bed methane and phosphate assets, Mantle's gold assets have gone under the radar..... check the company announcements and updates for info on the Mantle gold assets....
    I think Mantle should be taking advantage of what's beginning to happen with the gold price and the predictions for massive increases in the price of gold as the US market flounders .....and their dollar begins its declines.
    It's time to start producing gold from Mantle's gold assets I think.

    For anyone thinking about investing in Mantle Mining and gold stocks in Australia, this link is a must listen summarises exactly my thoughts over the last 4 months on the gold exposure I have in small cap gold stocks....and more....US interest rates, a prolonged US bear market, upside in commodities and a lifetime opportunity in Australian gold stocks.

    Peter Schiff has hit the nail on the head....


    If the link doesn't work, just go to and look for the trade ticker video called "opportunity of a lifetime"

    The article summary.....
    "Peter Schiff: 'Opportunity of a Lifetime' in Gold, Intl. Assets -- Not U.S. Stocks

    The stock market's staged another wild ride Friday before ending sharply higher on news Timothy Geithner will be named Obama's Treasury Secretary.

    As stocks "reflated" Friday, so too did gold, which appears to be reemerging from its slumber.

    The precious metal rallied $51, or 6.9%, to $800 per ounce Friday, and investors can expected "much bigger moves ahead" for gold, says Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital.

    A longtime gold bull, Schiff believes the dollar's "phony" rally will soon end. To his credit, Schiff admits being caught off guard by the greenback's recent bounce, but believes efforts by global central bankers to fight the credit crunch will lead to devalued currencies, and higher commodity prices. (To his greater credit, Schiff has gotten a lot of things right in recent years, unlike most others.)

    Gold's recent slump — it remains more than 20% below its summer highs — is partially due to the "massive margin call" hitting U.S. financial firms, Schiff surmises. That process has created the "opportunity of a lifetime" in foreign stocks, currencies, and commodities, says the author and noted bear.

    But it's not too late to sell U.S. stocks, which Schiff believes have another 5 to 10 years of bear market action ahead as America struggles to come out from under a mountain of debt."

    cheers fatstocks
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