PNA 0.00% $1.84 panaust limited

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    Hellelujah, praise the lord!!!!!!!!!!! I can only hope this one keeps dropping further... to around 50cents would be ideal as previously hoped for...

    I am not trying to upramp or downramp or whatever, all I am saying is that if you buy these now you absolutely cannot go may be an up and down ride in the short term no doubt, but guarenteed this will come through with the goods in a few months time....Phu Bia has a couple more years left in it than originally thought and Ban Houyxai will be big enough to be a standalone project..

    Up to you fella's what you want to do and what your modus operandi is...its amazing all these guys on here who you would think hold a stock for a couple of weeks, make a 100% gain, then move on to the next one and pick up another 100% in a couple of weeks and then move on to the next stock and so on and so on...utter rubbish.

    THIS STOCK WILL BE 1.20 to 1.30 WITHIN 12 with that information what you will and for those stock genius out there who are making 100% a month and think that 12 months is too long to wait for a 100% gain then good luck to you.

    I have said my bit on PNA, I bought in at 25cents sold, half at .70cents as I thought it would retrace (see my last post) which it has. If you have read some of my posts you will see that most of what I have been saying has been correct and hopefully you will beleive me when I say that you would be a mug not to get on this stock...

    Thanks guys, I will be buying back into this in the .50 range and holding for 12 to 14 months minimum...good luck to all holders and over and out from me (this is my last post as it is just too annoying reading some of the utter nonsense that gets posted on this site, it really is just too frustrating).....

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