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Manipulators working BB's 10c---to 1.20

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    I see the manipulators work BB's year in and year out--three years now---it is so childish and mind numbing--there are so many little games---I love this one.
    A group of people have a stock---to give an example---xyz goes from ten cents to a dollar twenty---everyone makes heaps--the stock then falls down to ten cents--the manipulator comes in and then say's "I told you all to sell it at 1.20" don't say you weren't warned----well HOW DOES THE MANIPULATOR short of examining everyones contract notes know that the people individually or as a group did not sell at 1.20 and then rebuy at 10c-why does the manipulator play on the herdal thing?-it then places the thread in defensive--which may or may not be warrannted--why doesn't the STOOPID CROOK MANIPULATOR----JUST FARK OFF--and what are the BB owners doing about these pioeces of scum---and more the point what are the authorities doing to keep stockmarket sites free of this type of sh##T.
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