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    Could it all be that we have over thought the whole situation.
    Could be just be a mega company who is being challenged by a small company that has the technology that they are incapable of implementing. That knowledge threatens their existence.
    That company will do everything in its power to delay its operation in Australia that will conflict with its operation.
    Hence are they worried about delays – delays are good – maybe the smaller company will give up and go elsewhere.
    If they have to compensate the smaller company – probably chicken feed to what they would lose if the smaller company was able to operate.
    The mega company maybe is trying every means to know the technology, delays are helpful, gives them time to be on an even playing field.
    The mega company in turn asks and asks for this information and that information in the hope they can possibly gain some inside information that they are unable to gain from their own staff.
    Just a thought

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