BIL brambles industries limited


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    I find it strange that BIL keeps going up in the UK (was up to 5% last night) and it gets pushed down in Australia.

    My suspect thoughts are that there could still be the possibility of GE takeover, I'm not sure when, but the trading looks strange.

    Generally with takeover stocks there is a large spike on the 1st rumours like recently when it went up to $5.6 in a big hurry then its pushed down as interest dries as the traders get bored, then a takeover is attempted. See NEV and MIM for egs.

    In the UK market a USA based fund manager keeps buying stock now having 12% of the company.

    Just my theory, do your own research, but even though there would be short terms gains it would be sad to see another ozzie company moving overseas if the fund managers sell out to make a quick buck.......

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