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management is to blame

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    The news that OSH expects to have a good earnings report is no news at all. Many have expecting a good result based on the high oil price and as a result of the merger.

    According to Botten:

    "I can get a gas processing plant and a gas project up on one of our fields in PNG in three years guaranteed, so why do I sit here taking hits in the market when I have other development options that are credible and guaranteed to deliver value in a period of time?" he asked."

    The reason it that for years the pipeline partners have been unable to agree to go ahead with the project and as a result have lost AGL and the Qld power plant and now they have to find others to take up the slack.

    HAD they decided years ago to go ahead with the pipeline they would have no doubt had more than enough customers to proceed.

    Furthermore, if OSH has other projects to turn their NG assets into cash, why are they sitting on their collective butts?

    So management has other options... why haven`t they put them into action....

    Sounds like a bunch of cry babies for missing lost opportunities when they are the only ones to blame....
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