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    Some of the upbeat coments on this stock are coming from those that should know better.
    Two very obvious reasons why this stock is at 1.7 cents and why its market capitlization at $5.6m looks expensive.
    1) Management. Sandover and Company have overseen one of the worst uses of shareholder money. Take a look at SFG share price, and go back even further and see the price action before the stock consolidation. SDL is their latest incarnation, and a chance to bring in a whole new wave of investors with exactly the same assets that they"ve always had. Yes the sale of their coolgarlie tenaments into ATX has been a lucky win.
    2) Bolivia is a hotspot, almost anarchy there at the moment from some reports. Investors won't be rushing to get involved there.

    Having said that I"m accumulating at the moment in the 1.6/1.8 cent area after . WHY?, because these guys owe me a win, and you have to give them marks for persistance.
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