Originally posted by Tee47Along with the Pacific Ocean cooling...

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    Never mind that the last time the AMO went negative, over that period the globe nevertheless warmed.  But I am repeating myself. As is Tee.

    But hey, the oceans do have an effect, though the oscillations don't create a long term trend.  

    Oh for references and evidence for Tee's comment on the PDO also cooling, and us not having seen both the PDO and AMO cooling in tandem since 1976 etc. 
    Assuming he's correct on that, and looking at 1973-1976 when temps declined around 0.2 degrees, we might see a repeat of that, 

    But from 1976 to date, it got warmer, by about 0.9 of a degree.  So I'd suggest that Tee and other denialists, who may be getting excited about what might happen with a bit of AMO/PDO variability over a year or two, are just engaging in a bit of self deluding short sightedness. 
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