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malaria v nicotine

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    The market for both is huge.
    Personally I believe Australians are well aware of the Malaria significance. We would have to be one of the most widely travelled populace in the world, mostly to places that have Malaria cos ther cheap and the biggest worry is Malaria when travelling coz ther aint no cheap cure.
    Ther eis a cure I'm aware of that is derived from one of the powerful weed killers. The cost is astrnomical to get out the relevant substances that kill the virus.
    I think I read it in Scientific American some time ago. Malaria has plant DNA hence the weed killer. Most treatments only break one link in the DNA, and being a virus it mutates around this problem like the flu. This extract kills off about 6 strands of the DNA and it's basically incapacitated and doesn't have the strenght to rebuild. That's a rough non medical/scientific recolection of the article I read. If anyone else has read anything or knows more I would love to hear it. My brain understands the scientific stuff but just cant hang onto the technicalities and terminology too well. Prolly to much killer weed when I was in my travelling hippie life. I didn't inhale though.....
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