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    Your continued profound lack of understanding is at least consistent.

    Did you read the half year financials? Do you understand them? I think not.

    For a long time you have been singing the praises of the MD and the Chairman. Suggest that you now change your tune to a lament.

    They clearly have no idea!

    It is time (and has been for some time) for the MD and Chairman to resign. They could be replaced by Anderson and Macek. At least they know what they are doing.

    Lets see, 530 million shares outstanding at $0.18 gives a market cap of $9.6 million. Substantially less than the contributed funds from the punters (upwards of $20 million I believe). A balance sheet showing $3.0 million in debt - to the ANZ. A profit & loss statement that is more loss than profit. Investments in companies that are profitable - I think not (at least from the P & L statement).

    Also I believe that substantial sales of product were made to a contractor of MUL and then onsold to a MUL subsidiary. Interesting accounting on that one!!

    So Malcomm, where to now for MUL?? A capital reconstruction?, the ANZ having a close look at its loan and the security provided?, the auditors having a look at the accounting practices?, and/or heaven forbid the ASIC having a look?

    As always, I await your reply. This time it had better be good!
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