Mal Brough urged to challenge Tony Abbott

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    "Former Howard government cabinet minister Mal Brough is being urged by his colleagues to challenge Tony Abbott for the prime ministership if Saturday's election result in his home state of Queensland is as bad as many MPs fear.
    Fairfax Media has confirmed with multiple sources that Mr Brough has been approached to act as a leadership circuit-breaker. He is said to be a taking a wait and see approach.
    Mr Brough did not deny approaches had been made to him when contacted by Fairfax Media.
    He said only that: "clearly people are talking to each other because we are all interested in doing what's best for the nation".
    One MP who said the conversations with Mr Brough were under way said "lots of people are for a change of leader, but there is a broad spectrum of when and how"."

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't - lol
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