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    depression makes the reality of the situation seem worse than it is.

    lets look at the facts..

    Bur was making no money till mid last year, back then its average price was 20 - 25c

    Lets look at the revenue coming in guys.

    In sep it made $100K~
    In Oct it made $110K~
    in Nov it made $160K~
    in Dec it made $370K~
    In Jan it made $600K~

    we are making money, as the wells come on so does our revenue grow.

    Yes these wells slow down over the first 6 months then just bleed out from there.. its normal

    So we are at todays flow rates and prices making about $7mil P.A ok so in 12 months it should level off around $2mil P.A


    we will have another 4 or 5 wells on again in that time, if were at a rate of $7mil with 3 wells now. then with 4 or 5 next year thats easily another $7mil with our $2mil from current 3 wells.

    We are only 3 wells in on a 25 well drilling program. in 2 - 3 years when all 25 wells are done we could be sitting on a fantastic earner.

    we want 10 and 15mmcfd wells because we know they slow down and the higher we get at initial flow rates the faster they will be when they taper off

    When you look at BUR in disappointment, remember your upset about the PRICE not how the company is performing.

    This is fantastic revenue on a company trading $12mil, it is not small change at all, and makes this stock very under valued, i still feel with current history and future plans this stock should be between 40c - 80c

    Its not there because of the current world market problems! not because of BUR performance, so when the storm starts to blow over, the market will properly score BUR again

    just hold on! all small ords are down 50% on average

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