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    Marines Killed Four Wounded Iraqi Prisoners: US Reporter

    BAGHDAD, November 17 (IOL & News Agencies) – The US pool reporter, who broke to the world the killing of a wounded, unarmed Iraqi prisoner by a marine, further revealed that more prisoners were shot dead though they did not appear threatening in any way.

    NBC correspondent Kevin Sites was quoted by the Associated Press Wednesday, November 17, as saying that US Marines killed three more unarmed and wounded Iraqi prisoners in a Fallujah mosque Saturday, November 12.

    He added the wounded had been left in the mosque for others to pick up and move to the rear for treatment. No reason was given why that had not happened.

    The shooting in the Fallujah mosque became public Tuesday, November 16, with the airing of the footage taken Saturday by Sites.

    In his report, Sites said the man who was killed didn't appear to be armed or threatening in any way, with no weapons visible in the mosque.

    Sites said he saw the marine raise his rifle and fire point blank at the head of a man, who was slumped against a wall in a mosque.

    US networks and television channels in other countries have widely shown Sites’ footage, taken Saturday, but halted it in the second before the shot was fired.

    The incident could cause major political problems for the government of Prime Minister Iyad Allawi and his US backers at a time when Iraqi authorities are seeking to contain a backlash among Sunnis to the Fallujah offensive.
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