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    Some posters have made ludicrous comparisons to MAK such as RAU & WMT etc.

    Then we have have the obligatory FMG & IPL comparisons.

    Lets leave those alone for a minute & compare MAK to something of a similar ilk. Lets compare it to another company that has discovered a multi-billion$$ resource in Australia that is mine-able & is at JORC exploration stage with views of mining within 2 years.

    The company that rang in my head is AGS. They have 25% of a maximum $6bill resource ($1.5bill AGS share) they are exploring & drilling to finalise that resource & hope to mine in within 2 years. Although its uranium, there are a number of similarities in that they are in Aus, have various challenges, and needed to convince the market of the validity of their find.

    AGS have a MC of $272million ... inground value $1.5bill

    With MAK, it has a $4bill resource in the high-grade portion alone! The full deposit is huge, and could still grow significantly from this.

    MAK have a MC of around $130mill ... inground value $4bill

    Despite the SP rise so far, the MC of MAK is still small at around $120mill when compared to AGS at $272 mill MC.

    If we were to base our valuation on AGS, MAK should have a MC of around $560mill and be trading at around $5 plus to even be level with AGS.

    Just to get it in perspective as the how much potential MAK has in the short term. Will it get there? I dont know. It could go down on profit taking ... it is a bucking bronco ATM ... but there is no doubt that the value is there.

    Heaps more to say on this, but I will stop there

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